Apr 27, 2009

Merely a product of imagination?

You believe that you exist among different individuals of your own species as well as others and that there exists a world which you perceive using your senses. You perceive the visual aspect of the entire world using only the retinal signals captured by your eyes. Now, imagine that you were born blind and you still are. In that case, you should be able to agree that you may not be able to visualize or visually feel any part of the world as it presents itself now. And so is the case with all your other senses – hearing, feeling, smelling, etc. If all your senses had been switched off since your birth you would be like a rock now. From this discussion we understand that it’s our senses that show us this world and make us believe its existence.
We come to the next part now. I think you are aware that you can use your brain to simulate your sense organs’ functions. For instance, close your eyes and try to visualize a chair. You should have been able to do it with no difficulty at all. Even you can feel the chair with your hands in your imagination.  Coming to the hearing sense, you can simulate it as well. Imagine that the chair is falling down and hitting the floor. You should be able to hear it in a way close to reality. For a particular sense, the ‘close to reality’ (CTR) factor will be high if that sense organ is idle in reality. That is, for example if you close your eyes and imagine things, the CTR is high and if you be in a calm, noiseless environment the CTR of imaginatively hearing will be high. You can simulate all the senses in a similar manner, but simulating the smell is quite difficult (close to impossibility in my case). But that will not be discussed now. So, we’ve come to understand that our brain can be voluntarily made to falsely activate our sense organs.
The next part of discussion is to show you that there exist two different things – the brain and the mind. By brain, I mean the physical organ. There is a conceptual entity called mind, which indeed exists, that is so very complicated. The mind itself is composed to two parts – the conscious one and the subconscious one. The one that we use voluntarily everyday and which we can control is the conscious mind. The subconscious mind works by itself and aids the conscious one in several ways. Both of them are interconnected and dependent on each other. The following can help you understand it better. You must have had experiences in which you had forgotten a person’s name or some detail and had tried to recollect it the whole day. But in the middle of a night you would have woken up suddenly after having found that name or detail strike your mind. Now ask yourself how you can get the answer at some time when you were not even trying to search for it. And who did the searching for you at that time? It is obviously something on which you don’t have your full control. And that is the subconscious mind, we’re talking about. Understand that the mind structure is even more complicated than we believe it to be.

To be continued..

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Quakeboy said...

I would call that the better explanation of the matrix.. cool one.. waitin for the next part